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It had been a crazy week, and the “change oil” light had been flashing for days every time Joe started his car.

In the interest of expedience, early on Saturday morning, Joe drove to the local franchise of a well-known national oil-change service.

Ninety minutes later, the service manager presented Joe with a laundry list of services and repairs that his car needed. Joe scratched his head and tried to remember the last time he’d actually had any service done on the car, but came up empty. Did the car really need so much work?

The service manager seemed like a knowledgeable guy. The items on the list seemed reasonable, and the service manager implied that the work was both urgent and necessary for the safety of the vehicle. Joe gulped at the estimated cost — which would put a huge dent in the family’s discretionary income for the next few months — and pondered what to do.

We’ve heard Joe’s story — or others like it — many times over the years. You might be interested to know that the service manager of the national chain was, indeed, a knowledgeable guy, and the repairs and services he recommended were ones that Joe’s car needed … eventually.

Here’s the difference between the national chain’s service manager and your R&R Service Team: The national guy may or may not be a long-term company employee. In all probability, he figures he has one shot at your business, so he’s motivated to make that one shot as profitable as possible. On the other hand, R&R Auto Service has been around since 1972, with the same owner and manager. We have the time and the motivation to cultivate a relationship with you.

So, when you walk in our door, we take the long view. Our goal is for you to come back because you trust us. Sure, your car may have a laundry list of needed services and repairs, but it almost never happens that every item on that list is necessary immediately. We’ll discuss the condition of your car with you, recommend to you what is truly urgent and what can be delayed, and for how long. We’ll also keep you apprised of what we see coming down the road for your car, so that, as much as possible, you’re never taken by surprise.

And last, but not least, we keep comprehensive records on your car. You don’t have to scratch your head. We can tell you exactly what was done to your car, and when. We’ll even keep records of what was done to your car by other facilities, because sometimes you’re on the road and just can’t visit R&R.

But even when you are on the road, we’re just a phone call away.

Our mission is to be the repair shop your family trusts.


Posted at September 27, 2013

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